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Helpers for some common SEO operations


Remove lines from list 1 that contain any of the lines from list 2


List 1 (source list)

List 2 (words to check)

Remove lines from list 1 that contain any of the lines from list 2


Insert links inside any article using random words as anchor text


Url list

Article to insert links into

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A higher link density will cause the random links to be further away from each other, but will require a larger article

Link density:


Extract HTML tables or HTML code blocks based in any CSS attribute


HTML code

Get HTML from URL:        

Extracted HTML blocks

The extracted HTML blocks will appear here

1. Paste ALL the HTML source from any page. Example: view-source:https://getaawp.com/demo/

2. Write a CSS selector of the main container of every block that you want to extract. Example: .aawp

Usage: This would allow you to replace the Amazon Affiliate ID from the blocks and paste the HTML code directly in your own page.

CSS selector:
Extract only inner content


Convert TXT lines to CSV columns and viceversa. Merge CSV & TXT files.

Choose your TXT or CSV files
Drop Files Here
Operation: CSV separator:
Archivos procesados:

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