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PHPSEO notifications

PHPSEO 2.0 is out!
If you are still using the previous version click here to update it.
Bug fixed in the plagiarism checker
I fixed a bug in the translations that was showing some ugly error messages when using the plagiarism checker.
Bug fixed in the indexed URL checker
I fixed a bug that made the tool fail when the checked URLs have a final slash /. If you do not want to wait for the next version, you can manually download PHPSEO again and overwrite your phpseo.php file.
Welcome to PHPSEO
Thank you for trying the tool! As you will see, everything in PHPSEO is free now. Please, follow me at YouTube and/or Twitter to support the project. I promise to not publish only Spanish content!
PHPSEO is a personal project by Juanma Rodríguez AKA Netgrows | Follow me in YouTube and Twitter to support the project 😊 | You are also welcome to the support group where we learn SEO together.