Web proxy:
URLs/batch: 3 | Batch delay: 20 sec | Search delay: 15 sec | Mem limit: 1024M | Exec time: 3000 sec

Bulk image downloader

Search images & download them

Bulk image editor

Select multiple images and modify them

Bulk image editor
1. Choose one or more images:
Drop Files Here
2. Apply one or more operations:
Resize: Width: JPG Quality:
Add text: Text: Margin Left: Margin Top: Font Size: Font Color:

 You can use a custom font by overwriting the file font.ttf located in the root folder.

Add text from file:

 Each line from the file imagetext.txt will be used as a phrase. You can choose between adding sentences to the images in random or secuencial order.

Add watermark (image): Margin Right: Margin Bottom:

 The file watermark.png in the main root will be used in this operation. You can use a new watermark by overwriting the file.

Convert format:
Processed images:

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