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URLs/batch: 3 | Batch delay: 20 sec | Search delay: 15 sec | Mem limit: 1024M | Exec time: 3000 sec


Scan thousands of domains starting from some seed URLs

You need a valid license

  • Follow PHPSEO social networks to get your free license code
  • You cannot buy a license, all the distributed licenses are free
  • License codes are periodically shared, but only the faster followers will get them
  • After getting a code, claim it at https://netgrows.com/get-expired-finder/ using your name & email
  • Do not share your license data or it could be blocked
  • Read more about how to get my free license
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Reload the page to start a new scan

IMPORTANT: do not use this module at the same time as other PHPSEO modules in different tabs


1 | Seed URLs › Enter some URLS to start searching for dead domains. A dead domain is a domain with no active webpage.

Max Threads: Depth Level: Max URLs/domain: Max URLs/level:

2 | Dead domains › Dead domains do not have websites on them, but they may be unavailable for registration.

(dead domains should not contain http or www) URLs per step:

3 | Available domains › Domains available for registration. You may get some false positives but accuracy should be high.

WARNING: this tool, as any other web bot, will visit a lot of target URLs using some of their server resources. You should not target always same domain to avoid being banned or other related problems. You can use the fields -Max Threads-, -Max URLs/domain- and -Max URLs/level- to reduce the amount of scanned URLs. Use this tool at your own risk.

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